Hi, I'm Amber

hoto Credit: Dana Pleasant

Amber West,
Healer, Artist, Licensed Acupuncturist

It’s often said that when your passion and skill intersect you’ve found a purpose worth pursuing. I feel I am extremely fortunate to find this in the art and science of vibrational medicine.  My journey started, as it does for many healers, as a fierce pursuit to heal myself.  After struggling for years with chronic pain and fatigue I fell in love with the depth of acupuncture and began my studies at  Wu Hsing Tao.  After graduating and completing the licensing and NCCAOM certification in 2012 I opened 5 Lights Acupuncture.

What once started as an amazement by the healing power of 5 Element Acupuncture, has matured and humbled into a deeper understanding of the nature of healing.  My path has taken me to further explore the art and science of esoteric acupuncture, essential oils, massage and sound healing, all of which I offer to my clients given their needs.

In addition to my private practice I have also partnered with Mary's Place, a shelter for women and children, Roots, a shelter for young adults, and organize fundraising events for various causes.

I really value my appointments with Amber, such that I resent that my insurance only gives me 12 a year! She is amazingly easy to talk to, and I love her style of acupuncture because she actually wants to listen about EVERYTHING going on, from my stress at work, relationship difficulties AND excitement, to any and all physical and mental health complaints. I feel like I get to be myself in her treatment room.

And then! During and after my appointment it’s like a complete transformation. I walk in feeling depressed and walk out with a skip in my step like I could take on the world. I walk in confused and in physical pain, and walk out settled about what decisions I need to make and pain free. I think that Amber’s system of medicine works, AND she is particularly well-attuned in how to use it to care for someone perfectly.

I’ve been giving her cards to friends and my own clients since meeting her and anyone who has taken my advice has thanked me profusely. I can’t wait for my appointment this week!
— Jonathan