So Hum

So Hum is a branch of my practice that focuses on using the energetics and tactile experience of sound waves to give the experience of mind/body integration.  This is done through crystal singing bowl sound baths and a sound table.

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Baths

Imagine laying on your mat warmed by the candle lit room.  Then from the dimness of the light you feel a soft vibration sweep over your body and fill your ears with angelic resonance.  As the sound continues you feel your body sink more into your bones, your breath slows down. As your brainwaves attune to the bowls, your body starts to slow down and goes into a deep state of relaxation.  You may fall asleep, experience lucid dreaming, or moments of insights.   You may feel your body respond to the pulsating vibrations as you release energy and habits you are ready to.  For many sound bath experiences lead to more restful sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, increase in stress management, and a feeling of heightened awareness.

Here, singing bowl meditations are often offered in two formats: 
- Sound Baths, where participants are invited to lay or sit in a comfortable position while the singing bowls are played.  These are held at 5 Lights Acupuncture.  Each bath is about an hour long.  You will want to bring a yoga mat.  You may also want to bring a blanket and pillow for your comfort.  Requested exchange is $20.

- Yoga Baths, where participants are slowlyguided into movement, slowly from one posture to another with the accompaniment of the bowls.  These are held at varying locations, with varying yoga teachers, class style and rates.  Please see this page for the schedule.

Space is limited for all Sound Baths so please reserve your space online. 

Sound Table

The sound table is a massage table with two tactile transducers mounted to the bottom of the table.  Tactile transducers take the sound wave received from an amplifier, just as a normal speaker does. However, while a speaker is designed to send the sound wave through the air, the tactile transducer is designed to send full spectrum sound waves through an object.  As the sound wave is converted into a tactile vibration it resonates through the massage table and is felt through the body when laying on the table.  As the vibrations move through the body and fill the air there is a sense of being enveloped and massaged by the music.  Not only is it a pleasant visceral and auditory experience, the healing benefits are many.


So Hum sound table sessions are 60-90 minutes.  Our first session is longer to give time for a short intake and discussion about the benefits and process of meditating with sound. Follow up sessions will begin with a shorter conversation to discuss the experience, questions, etc.  For the sound experience the client rests comfortably on the table while the selected sounds and music are played.  The client will have the room to themselves, and are encouraged to move around and make themselves comfortable as desired. 




The sound table moves energy through the body and mind.  Clients may feel the benefits of the session settle in over the course of 24 hours as the energy moves through our meridian system in that time.  In the days to follow the integration may lead to openings in thought patterns, insights of one’s self, release of grief, deeper sleep, ease of pain, an overall sense of deeper ease, etc.  The benefits are unlimited.  As we are organic beings, our energy fields are constantly in flux.  It is impossible to know exactly how sound will affect someone at any given moment.  However, in my experience when we absorb sound in the context of healing, our mind can make use of the sound waves as a way to root ones’ intention into the body and psyche.

What music is most helpful?

In my experience, it is limited thinking to associate a sound frequency or style of music with specific, limited effects.  For example, to say F note correlates with the Heart Chakra is, in my opinion and experience, accurate in that it does resonate with that field, but inaccurate in that the frequency will resonate with every fiber, cell and energy field of a person.  Because of this, I approach sound healing as an art that is most successful when selecting sounds and music holistically, rather than prescriptively.