Be Your Truest Self

5 Lights Wellness is a studio that specializes in helping many heal their body, optimize their mind, and experience higher states of consciousness through Acupuncture, Yoga and Sound.

Bundle up, it's cold outside!

This winter keep your head, heart and body balanced with wellness bundles tailored for you.

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I consider wellness a journey of Self-Discovery, Heart and Soul. For me healing is not limited to obtaining physical ease or increasing productivity.  To be well involves 5 elements:  The physical body, the body's vital energy, the mind, the intuition and our life force.  Healing isn’t a journey you take to arrive somewhere.   Rather it’s a constant unfolding of awareness- a path open to the curious and followed by those seeking wholeness.  - Amber West, founder      -     (206) 601-6290      -      1417 NW 54th St. #234, Seattle WA 98107