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Light Whisper, with Michelle Schrader, Pauline White & Amber West

Saturday Jan 27th  4-6 pm

Join us for an evening of beautiful art, mingling, and refreshments.  Doors will be open from 4-6 pm.  Art will be available for purchase and custom orders.

Art for sale will include photography, cards, magnets, journals, lotions and tinctures, mixed media and other gift sized items.


About Michelle..

I’ve loved photography since I was a young girl.  My family took many camping and hiking trips throughout my childhood leading me to a deep love of nature.  My combined love of photography and nature continues to grow as my soulful journey through life unveils.  Road trips, day hikes and weekend adventures allow me to capture magic everywhere I go. 

Shortly after I arrived in Seattle, I found a blue glass heart between the waves and rocks at Golden Gardens beach.  I asked for a sign right before that moment and the heart appeared.  The heart is a reminder that not only am I connected to everything but that there is love all around.  I continue to find hearts; it’s healing, comforting and provides fun photo opportunities!  

Check out my photography on Instagram moonsong1977.  

About Pauline..

Pacific Northwest artist, Pauline White, creates mixed-media works that include: butterflies and beetles in shadow boxes, insect art in terrariums, stain glass, recycled refurbished windows and much more. They are adorned with wood, tin, gems, rocks or whatever else catches her fancy while seeking her treasures.

With her friends’ encouragement and a goal in mind, Pauline’s intention is to focus her artistic expression to create works that ground, balance, and tickle her inner child. She wishes for her art to bring as much joy to those who possess it as she receives from make it. 

Pauline infuses loving energy into each unique piece. May a one of a kind work of art bring you sweet joy, warmth, solace, happiness, and a dash of laughter.

About Amber..

It is interesting to me that within the human family we seem to share an innate desire to seek, be with and to express beauty.  What beauty is to each of us may vary of course, but I think that's part of what makes it so very interesting.

Art is part and parcel of my spiritual journey.  Each time I am swept into a creative whirl, I feel fueled by the desire to express the unseeable beauty I feel unwavering deep within   And yet I always fall short. The profound beauty experienced by life reflecting upon itself is beyond capture. I believe the greatest work of art is our lives. At some moments my life looks like the art I share with you today.  But like all things, in the great tapestry of life and soul, it is (gratefully) subject to change.