Special Offerings & Events



Women’s Esoteric Inquiry into Grief & Grace
Saturday Feb 24th 3:30-6pm

In this 2 ½ hour session we’ll be inquiring together into the energetics of grief.  I’ll share with you the 5 element and esoteric energy perspectives as tools to guide our exploration as we question the nature and experience of grief as an emotion, energy and relationship.  We will make use of gentle movement and meditation as we inquire into the energetics of grief and discover how to identify, properly observe, relate to, and should we be ready, transform. 

Please wear comfortable and flexible clothing. Bring a journal if you wish to take notes.

Class size limited to 6. Please register online. No drop ins please.

Music Jam

Saturday Feb 24th
@5 Lights

 I'm so thrilled and honored to have the pleasure of making musical medicine with Amelia love Clearheart, an extraordinary woman, healer, artist and mystic. 

We welcome you to join us for this free event.  Come listen, or if you have an acoustic instrument feel free to bring it and jam with us! 

We'll have hot cider and musical magic to share with you.  We'll do it picnic style, if you'd like to bring some snacks for yourself or to share.  I have some blankets, bolsters, etc. you can use to make yourself comfortable.  Feel free to drop in, no need to RSVP.



NW Yoga Conference

Sunday Feb 25th
Details Here

The NW Yoga Conference is this week! Feb 21-25th.  For those of you interested, click on the Details link above.  If you plan to attend, I'll be offering a sound bath from 12-1 pm on Sunday.  See the schedule for details.

Shanna Flyer 5 Lights Seatlte.jpg

This workshop is normally priced at $65. We invite you to join us for this special one day event pricing in Seattle.

Warning: This workshop may change your life for the better!
Do you ever feel like a slave to your own mind - almost like it's out of control or like it's out to get you?
Have you tried meditating but find it difficult to relax and calm your brain down?
Have you tried to change some of your habits, behaviors, or even your body but found it hard to stick with resolutions to do so?
Do you ever feel disconnected from or overwhelmed by life in general?


The mind can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy.
Sometimes both in the same day!

What if I told you that your brain's own hardwiring is really the only problem? What if there's actually nothing wrong with you AT ALL except that your brain sometimes works against you? What if you can learn to rewrite your own operating system and start making it work FOR you instead?

You can become the master of your mind and body.
Yes YOU.

Join us for this us for this unique two hour transformational workshop where we will learn to:

• REDUCE STRESS, not just during class but FOR GOOD,
• RELEASE TENSION and trauma from the body FOR GOOD,
• DISCOVER our perceived limitations and TRANSCEND them,
• CREATE a safe and respectful space to EXPLORE the HEART,
• DESIGN simple practices to FEEL GOOD EVERY DAY.

Much more than just a physical yoga class, in this workshop we will learn to use ancient yogic techniques mixed with the latest in neuroscience and proven mind/body methods to reconnect mind, body & spirit and tap into the the highest and best version of YOU!

Awaken to your true potential.
Move past your fears.
Make your brain work for you instead of against you!
Become the master of your own mind.

It takes great courage to try new things.
Only you can rewrite your story.
Sign up today.
Space is limited.

(Please note, this workshop does not require flexibility or physical agility. It is for EVERY body. Just bring an open heart and mind.)

We will not turn away anyone for lack of funds. If you have a genuine financial hardship, please reach out via email or phone and accommodations can be arranged. In the spirit of community we ask that those who can afford to pay a bit more please do so to help those who cannot.
Thank you, 

Shanna Gillette