Special Offerings & Events


Women's Chakra Hips Class

Wednesdays, 6-7pm 12/27/17 – 1/10/18

Aloha!  Please join me for an introduction to the major lower chakras, through interactive discussion and the joyful movements of Polynesian dance.


Winter is a wonderful season to reconnect with the physical body which is, as Anodea Judith writes, “the home of our dance.”  Strengthen your knowledge and awareness of your lower chakras, and you will build a strong foundation for manifesting health and vitality in the New Year.  Enliven yourself—treat yourself to the pleasure of learning new types of rhythmic movements in a relaxed atmosphere, no dance experience necessary!

We will be talking about what a chakra is, delving specifically into the qualities of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, as well as how to work with chakras. We will practice grounding activities to resonate with Mother Earth--and then dance fun basic steps drawn from Hawaiian hula and Ori Tahiti traditions to shift energy through your body.  You will smile and sweat!  I am excited to do this work with you as we start 2018.


Led by:  Emily Keating, LMP (more about me: www.emilykeatinglmp.com)

Location:  5 Lights Wellness, 1417 NW 54th St, #234, Seattle

Exchange:  $40 for three 1-hour classes

To bring:  paper and pen; water; a pareo/wrap


I have a few extra wraps I will bring to share.  You can often find pareos/wraps at Goodwill for about $5.  You can also use a 4’x5’ish piece of fabric, just make sure it ties about your hips.  Please wear fitted leggings or soft shorts if you plan to wear pants under your wrap, so you are able to move freely and comfortably.

*Please note:  this class is designated ‘for women’ because I am trained in wahine/vahine dance techniques and am not qualified to teach kane/tane (men).  If you ID as male and are interested in Polynesian dance, please contact me so I may offer you local resources.  I also offer non-dance chakra courses, future dates TBA.

Art Showing

Art offers a beautifully poetic landscape to either experience the grit and grip of the ego, or the radiant fires of spirit.  To me, this phenomenon has been of great interest for many years.  I'm thrilled to partner with local artists to share the experience of stepping into the mystical world of art.


Into the Mist, with Michelle Schrader

Saturday Nov 11th 1 - 5 pm

Join us for an afternoon of beautiful art, mingling, and refreshments.  Doors will be open from 1-5pm.  Art will be available for purchase and custom orders.

Art for sale will include metal prints with barn siding frames, canvas prints, photo paper prints with barn frames,  notecards, postcards, magnets, journals, and other gift sized items.

About Michelle...

I’ve loved photography since I was a young girl.  My family took many camping and hiking trips throughout my childhood leading me to a deep love of nature.  My combined love of photography and nature continues to grow as my soulful journey through life unveils.  Road trips, day hikes and weekend adventures allow me to capture magic everywhere I go. 

Shortly after I arrived in Seattle, I found a blue glass heart between the waves and rocks at Golden Gardens beach.  I asked for a sign right before that moment and the heart appeared.  The heart is a reminder that not only am I connected to everything but that there is love all around.  I continue to find hearts; it’s healing, comforting and provides fun photo opportunities!  

I use a Sony camera, iPhone , a digi hari, Leica, manual cameras, basically anything that I can get my hands on.  The device isn’t as important as simply capturing the moment.  When I alter my photos I use multiple apps available on iPhone. 

Check out my photography on Instagram moonsong1977.