Yoga at 5 Lights focuses on healing and optimizing the body and mind.  Our classes are unique in the way we blend in-depth knowledge of the body/mind/spirit, and the healing process with the ancient wisdom of yoga.  All of our classes are small, giving you the opportunity to get specific feedback and guidance from our teachers.

6:30am - Slow Flow with Alisa

6:30am - Vinyasa Flow with Kathy
9:30am - Yoga Energetics with Kathy

9:00am - Yoga Energetics with Elizabeth
10:15am - Yin Wise with Melissa
4:30pm - Slow Flow with Ruth
5:45pm - Restorative with Ruth

*Please pre-register for all classes

9:00am - Yin Wise with Melissa
10:15am - Slow Flow with Melissa
5:45pm- Yin Wise with Melissa
7:00pm - Restorative with Melissa

6:30am - Vinyasa Flow with Kathy
9:30am - Yoga Energetics with Kathy
4:30pm - Yin Wise with Melissa
5:45pm - Slow Flow with Alisa
7:00pm - Yoga Energetics with Elizabeth

6:30am Vinyasa Flow with Kelsey

6:30am - Vinyasa Flow with Kathy
9:30am - Yoga Energetics with Kathy
4:30pm - Yin Wise with Melissa
5:45pm - Vinyasa Flow with Kelsey
7:00pm - Slow Flow with Alisa

Class Descriptions

Yin Wise – 60 minute

Yin Wise  focuses on releasing tension held deep in the connective tissue. By holding poses (asanas) for 3 to 10 minutes each, the body has time to ease into the pose and gently push the edge. Yin Wise is a class created to balance the nervous system and educate the mind on the body's nature wisdom. Blending western anatomy, body energetics, and yogic philosophy, students will walk away feeling rejuvenated, educated, and detoxified from stress. Yin Wise will challenge you to go inward and discover the true gems of yoga.

*All Levels Class

Slow Flow – 60 minute

Slow Flow is a mindfully paced vinyasa (flow) class that allows the interconnections of the body systems, mind, and emotions to come to the forefront of our experience. When symptoms arise we have the opportunity to closely examine these interrelationships and discover where the imbalances are. Using yoga as a tool we can re-establish harmony by linking our attention, breath, movement, and sensation. 

*All Levels Class


Vinyasa Flow - 60 minute

In the Vinyasa Flow class students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. Students will awaken their strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere. During the class we will explore traditional asana (poses) and sequences: sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and back bends all in a gentle and energizing setting. A beautiful was to start your day. 

*All Levels Class

Yoga Energetics–60 minute

Yoga Energetics is one of our core classes. Students are guided through movements in away that emphasizes using the mind to awaken within the body and becoming aware of the energetic fields and pathways.  This way of practice optimizes physical healing, emotional and behavior illumination and re-patterning, and spiritual centeredness.   

*All Levels Class


Restorative Yoga - 60 minute

Restorative yoga brings the natural healing power of your body and mind to the forefront of your experience.   During this class we will go through only a few poses, holding each for 5 to 10 minutes.  For each asana we will use props such as blankets, blocks, straps, or bolsters to allow the body can feel completely supported in each posture.  This gentle form of yoga can regulate blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, promote healthy digestion, emotional regulation, and heal the body from stress.  When our bodies sense the support, stagnant muscle holding and energy can be released and detoxified.

*All Levels Class 

Yoga Rates

Individual class – $20
5 Class Pass – $90.  5 classes of your choice. *Expires 90 days after first use.
Grand Opening Special - $50.  Unlimited classes. Pass use expires on Oct 11, 2017

*Payment for classes or class packs is collected at time of class. Please be sure to register for classes online ahead of time.

Meet the Teachers

Meet Melissa

It is my passion to blend Eastern philosophies of yoga and wellness with Western anatomy and the neurobiology of stress within the physical body. This deep curiosity for holistic wellness led me to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2015 through Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica. Inspired by the depth of clinical research, I have continued to expand my knowledge and am certified in yin yoga through Soma Yin, and restorative yoga, through Synergy School. In 2017 I earned my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University. Over the last year, I have incorporated therapeutic interventions for the body’s biological stress process in my work with survivors of intimate partner violence. Restoring balance to nervous system, releasing and processing stress, reducing trauma symptoms, and improving mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  I look forward to meeting you on your mat!


Meet Kathy


Kathy has been practicing yoga since 2003 after her first daughter was born. She found yoga as a wonderful way to move her body slowly and gently after pregnancy. While she continued to practice, she discovered that yoga was much more than a way to get in shape. Once her second daughter was born, yoga was a way for her to relax, connect with her Self and find her center. Yoga continues to help her stay grounded and is a wonderful compliment to her love of running and hiking.

In 2015 she spent 9 months traveling around the country with her family in a truck camper.  While she was not able to pop into a yoga class in every town they visited, she did get to visit a good handful of studios to keep her practice up and developed her own yoga routine that she could do in the confines of the camper. When they returned home from their trip, she knew that her next journey was to follow her love of yoga and dive into yoga teacher training. She received her 200 hour RYT through Synergy Yoga School with a focus on Vinyasa flow yoga, yoga philosophy and Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. This training has prepared me to follow my path to teaching gentle and energetic Vinyasa classes around the Seattle area.


Meet Alisa.


Alisa found her way to yoga after many years pursuing dance and theater. She began studying in New York in 2008 as a way to help ease pain and lack of mobility from scoliosis, and fell in love with the true connection between mind and body that yoga offers.  After moving back home to Seattle, Alisa deepened her yoga practice by completing Synergy Yoga and Ayurveda's 200 hour Teacher Training program. She is trained in Vinyasa style yoga and has studied Ayurveda, restorative and prenatal yoga. Alisa offers classes that are joyful, warm and meditative, with an aim to guide students to find the balance of strength and ease in their own bodies.


Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth was first introduced to yoga at a young age, as a part of her 15 years of dance training. But it wasn’t until graduating college with a BA in dance and being faced with the pressures of the real world that Elizabeth began to truly understand and practice yoga. In a time of constant change, yoga brought her much needed moments of serenity, something she hopes to help her students find as well. After spending six years as a dance teacher, it was only natural that Elizabeth felt inclined to teach yoga as well, leading her to complete her 200hr teacher training in Las Vegas in 2015. Having relocated to the Edmonds area, Elizabeth is excited to share her love of yoga with the community. With a strong emphasis on healthy alignment, and a powerful yet calm teaching presence, her classes take you into your body and out of your head in order to develop a more intentional practice. In addition to her love of yoga, Elizabeth is a passionate environmentalist, a dog mom, and a student of life!


Meet Michael

New to Seattle by way of LA, Michael brings authenticity, empathy and optimism to his classes while creating space for his students to explore and deepen their own practice. Sequenced to a curated playlist, Michael believes each class is itself a journey and a new opportunity for self-discovery. He teaches alignment based Hatha yoga emphasizing mindful movement through the connection of heart, mind and body. Michael is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 registered yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2015 after completing his first training in Silver Lake, CA.


Meet Kelsey


Kelsey is a therapist, yogi, and facilitator; and she is an advocate for people to feel at home in their bodies. She teaches from a core belief that the kinder people are with themselves, the more connected and kind they are out in the world. Her teaching style invites students to listen and be curious about the physical, mental, and emotional experiences of the yoga practice in order to build awareness, strength, and flexibility. Kelsey's deepest hope is that you and your body feel welcome and celebrated in her classes.  Kelsey was trained through the Craft of Teaching Yoga 200-hour under Adrienne Kimberley in Seattle and is heavily influenced by Forrest Yoga and Yin Yoga. Kelsey teaches classes and leads workshops throughout the city, and offers individual counseling and yoga therapy sessions. She also works as a therapist in a clinic geared toward helping folks reconnect to food and their bodies. Learn more at

Meet Ruth


Ruth Bryan was introduced to yoga after moving to Seattle and hasn’t stopped being grateful since. For her, the mat is a physical space she can call home, since she has lived in four countries, speaks three languages and has traveled the world from a young age. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, and has been teaching at studios in the Seattle area for over 2 years.  She is also trained in offering Restorative Yoga, through Jodi Boone and the Synergy School. In 2017 She completed trauma-informed training for teaching yoga with Yoga Behind Bars, and is currently serving with them as a volunteer at a Juvenile Detention Center. She invites you to explore your ultimate home: your body- as well as the tenuous dance of the mind and spirit, with her in her classes.